Sunday, August 5, 2007

Spain in 1991

The Cathedral in Seville

I visited Spain twice. Once with a friend with whom I spent time in Seville and Granada before going it alone to Barcelona after she left for home. The second time was a free-and-easy trip to Madrid on my own again.

In Barcelona I remember waiting for the Tourist Information Office to open on the first day I was there. Soon as it did, I just asked what I should not miss in Barcelona if I only had threedays. The staff at the office were wonderful. Detailed maps materialised from below the counter, important places were circled, essential information provided and I spent about 20 minutes at the office planning my day one itinerary.

The next two days were a breeze also because the transport system (trains) were fantastic. That was the year before the Olympics in Barcelona. Spain was all spruced up for the grand event and I went there when the weather was sunny and cool and everything looked great. Spain is a beautiful country. It is huge but what historical and artistic treasures you will find there in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and Seville and I am sure in other places that I have not visited.

View from the Alhambra at Granada

The Spanish loved art and all things beautiful.

Parc Guell that was designed by the famous Antoni Gaudi.

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