Monday, January 4, 2010

Sedona - Cowboys and Red Indians

My second visit to USA was made in the first week of February 2003 and I took an early flight out to Phoenix on the second day of Chinese New Year. I spent a week in the US, very close to Las Vegas but did not have enough time to drop by for an IR preview. I managed to spend two of the seven days with a friend on day-tours to Sedona and the Grand Canyon in the last two days of our trip. Before my memory reaches a point of no recall, I thought I should put on record what I saw there. I do not remember the exact names of the places visited and so the photos will have to do more work here.

The first stop of our Sedona itinerary was to this cliff where a certain Red Indian tribe made their homes that were safe from intruders being high above the ground.

The characteristic landscape of Sedona that those of us who grew up with Cowboy and Red Indian movies are familar with.
We visited a small church that had a magnificent view of the Sedona landscape.

Houses blend into the surroundings.
The town of Sedona.
Rock formation that resembles a ship. You can see different formations elswhere.

Next, we were brought to a small town on the edge of a defunct copper mine.
There was a museum, souvenir shops and interesting bits of history that fed our interest.
From this mining town, we got a panaramic view of the Sedona landscape.
Next - The Grand Canyon.

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