Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wulai Hot Springs

Wulai, about an hour and half by MRT and public bus from Taipei, is a gem. Wulai is popular amongst locals and visitors like me because of its hotsprings. There are many hotels like the one we stayed in where you could enjoy a soak in hotspring water in a tub in your own hotel room. Ours came with a view of the mountains and had a cozy ambience. Though we only spent an afternoon, a night and a morning in Wulai we made the best use of the time we had. What we really enjoyed was the wonderful feel of the Wulai spring water which is odourless and colourless. The difference lies in the after effects on our skin leaving a smoothness and glow that made us firm believers in the marvels of natural spring water. Click on the photo for a slideshow of our time in Wulai.

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alicesg said...

It is so convenient now to travel by MRT in Taiwan. Beautiful photos.