Thursday, June 28, 2007

Taiwan in 2004

When package tours were first popularised in Singapore more than 20 years ago, everyone going on these tours went to Taiwan. As other tourist markets opened up and more people could afford to travel, Taiwan as a mass tourish destination dropped out of favour. China became the top draw and Taiwan was hardly mentioned. In 2004 I went there to visit a friend and was glad that I did not have to be part of a tour group. I had great fun as my pictures show.


slurp! said...

>> Taiwan019
seems like the same type of tomato i saw at kyushu. pinkish & not red, but they taste mildy sweet & juicy, not even a hint of sour

>> Taiwan020
how much were these selling? the flesh is crunchy & sweet, i hope.

>> Taiwan028
indeed, these sea of clouds were beautiful! must be very cold!!! which month did u go?

>> Taiwan032
so that do have illegal logging in the past? that's what sarawak facing right now.

>> Taiwan043
you suppose to go spa before dinner & not after. as soaking in hotspring is relaxing & slowed down your digestive system kekekeke ...

>> Taiwan076
hmmm i thought it's called taroko gorge?

>> Taiwan086
jiu fen (九分) :) very romantic place and so much food there LOLz

>> Taiwan100
taiwanese were so thoughtful! :)

Mable said...

Thank you for taking time to look at the photos and for your comments. The fruits were persimmons unless I was mistaken about the photo.I did not buy any but got to taste it because my friend bought some. Don't know how much. I was there in December and though it was cold, it was not freezing. The logging was done by the Japanese when Taiwan was under their control. I guess it wasn't called illegal logging then I am sure. Oops, no one informed us about the timing for soaking in a hot spring. Thanks and I shall take note. At that time, we arrived at the hotel after dinner and did not want to miss the chance in case we did not get to it the next morning. Yes, it was Taroko Gorge. I just called it Marble Gorge because for some reason the name stuck. Yes the village, Jiu Fen, would have been a lovely place to spend a day in. Unfortunately I was with one of those day tours and we had like an hour there. Did not get to enjoy the food because must make sure that I see everything there is to see. Pity. Yes, I agree that the Taiwanese in general and in particular my friend, are very warm people.