Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hong Kong 2006

Hong Kong has a lot more to offer the free-and-easy visitor other than shopping. I had a lovely time there in October last year with my daughter.

More photos here.


slurp! said...

WOW! looks like you have a lovely & fun trip with your daughter :)

since you like flowers & plant, you may like to visit kaidoorie farm & flower street next time.

i only have food in my mind whenever i'm in HK LOLz of coz it's a shopping paradise for ladies! ;P

Mable said...

Makes me smile when I think about how I missed the flower market because my daughter needed her beauty sleep. There will be another time. Daughter comes first because the trip was for her :)) Whatever you want to do in a place just enjoy it be it food or shopping or just being in a different environment to 'chill' as my kids would say.

slurp! said...

>> whatever you want to do in a place
>> just enjoy it
you're right on this. unfortunately, sometimes it saddens me to see SG tourists comparing this & that.

so I stay away from tour package as far as I could. the joy of being a independent traveler is that you get closer & truer to the local culture & people.

alicesg said...

I been to Hongkong so many times, and I think I was there in 2006 (December) too, was so cold and nice. I went there with hubby and sons and we only joined the half day tour because it is It would be silly to go to Hongkong on package tour cause it is so easy walking around in Hongkong so much like Singapore.