Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bhutan - Travelling across mountain roads to Thimphu

Reading about the obnoxious polluted air in Beijing and living in a city where traffic congestion and over-crowdedness everywhere is getting to be the norm, I seek relief just looking again at the hundreds of photos I had taken on my trip to Bhutan last September. 

I feel a yearning for the vastness of the mountains, the blue of the skies decorated with awesome white clouds, the waterfalls and the swift-flowing, roaring waters of the rivers.  

This post features the 7-hour long journey on a medium-sized bus travelling along narrow mountain roads that skirted the mountain slopes where the passing scenery was really out of the world that I have known all my life living in a city. More photos can be accessedhere>>>>>

 The air and everything was greener and fresher as we ascended the mountain slopes.
The University of Bhutan at a high altitude.
We were above the clouds!
Water weaving its way down the mountain.
Laundry guarded by dogs. 
The river, clean and green.

Gateway to Thimphu.
My favourite picture of the mountain roads.
Fresh produce from the farm.

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