Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tiger's Nest, Bhutan

In all my travels before Bhutan, I had never attempted to climb or hike up any mountain because I am aware of my own limitations and low tolerance for thinner air at high altitudes. However, when I decided to go on this trip to Bhutan I forgot about having to hike several hours in order to reach this beautiful 17th Century monastery that was rebuilt and restored in 1998 after a fire destroyed much of the buildings and the precious artefacts.

It took me 7 hours to hike up to this monastery and to get back to where I had started. I was the last in the group because I was not as fit as the others who were out of my sight the minute I began to feel the strain of the ascent. The good thing about my slowness was that I was able to pause and survey the scenery while I caught my breath and rested my tired knees and of course to take many photos for a day like today when I miss the mountains of Bhutan.

I consider it a personal achievement to have made it up to Tiger's Nest without collapsing or suffering from altitude sickness. Now, Tibet is possible...

Tiger's Nest Monastery - see my slideshow here.

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