Wednesday, December 30, 2009

People I photographed in China - Precious Child

This little boy was wandering around the place as if that was his territorial right having no fear for the heavy vehicles and buses winding down the road past this rest-stop. Nearby a kind of ram with white fur stood with their owners waiting for tourists to hire them for short rides.

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eng said...

Love your people shots.

While climbing Huangshang, I asked my tour guide whether I could take photos of the porters - admired their muscles and power.

She advised me not to do so as most poor Chinese don't want their 'poor conditions' to be frozen in photos, symbolising they will be in 'eternal' hardships.

And it includes pretty damsels hawking their wares and cute 'lachar' toddlers in small villages.
Always ask permission 1st, she advised but be prepared for a rude reply in their lingua franca or body languages.

Like you I took some from afar thru zoom lense when they are not aware. Else....