Wednesday, December 30, 2009

People I photographed in China - Mother and Child

In 2003, I visited Jiuzhaigou in China. Our group took a domestic flight from Chengdu and the return journey was by bus and I had many opportunities to photograph people on the return trip as we made ample rest stops along the winding road from the mountainous area to the city. I did not have a DSLR camera, only my Olympus digital with the 10x zoom lens. These are pictures that I like and looking at them bring back pleasant memories and the thoughts I had as I took them.
An industrious mum and her tolerant baby. This lady is part of a family-run business selling drinks, roasted chestnuts, fruits, tidbits and souvenirs by the side of the main road down to Chengdu. I was drawn to her because of her cute baby and the way she went about doing business as if the baby was weightless. It was a pity that I did not talk to her to find out more about her and her culture. Just look at the beautiful embroidery on her cap.She has very strong features, rather unusual, so I think perhaps she belongs to another ethnic group.
Hey Grandma, can you play with me?
The baby was falling asleep, probably tired from being turned and tilted every few seconds as her mum went about her unceasing activities. Look at that all that beautiful embroidery!
Justify Full
Unique hat. I was contemplating whether to crop this picture to remove the smiling man. I decided not to for he amplified the friendliness and the warmth of this family that was happy to cater to our needs. Also he provided a contrast to the profiles of the man and the woman in the picture and we somehow switch our focus on him and then on the other two at our will.
Baby could not really sleep but she never cried or sulked.
She's got mum's lovely big eyes.

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