Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Women I photographed in China

I cannot say much about these ladies - why their dressing was so unique. I wish I had taken more interest in them other than photographing them.
This old lady with the beautiful complexion beckoned me from a distance to look at what she was selling in the sack she was dragging along. It was an opportunity to interact and I did not take it up. What a pity! Look at the interesting head dress and the interesting motif on her jacket and black skirt. These photos were taken at a small town where our bus was stalled for about an hour because of a rocky landslide that blocked our route back to Chengdu.
Despite her cheerful attire, this lady was a picture of sadnes. Her furrowed brows and melancholic demeanour makes me wonder what could have been bothering her. In contrast, her grandson was oblivous to all the worries around him.
The embroidery on the dresses and head dresses of the women I saw in this town were colourful and had intricate patterns. I only dared to take this shot because I was inside the bus and this picture was shot through the glass window. I might have been picked up and tossed over the bus by this huge lady if I had been right in front of her. Thank goodness for zoom lenses.This lady was not too pleased I took her picture. A smile would have made a world of difference.

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