Sunday, April 11, 2010

Night Markets in Taiwan - Liouhe market in Kaoshiung

Everyone who has heard about Taiwan would ask about the Night Markets. It is a standard inclusion in a tour package. Taipei itself as several interesting ones. In this trip, I visited only two of these night markets. One was the Shilin Market in Taipei and the other one was the Liouhe Night Market in Kaoshiung. I found them interesting especially the numerous varieties of food one can find in these places. Two such markets was enough for me as shopping was not on my agenda in this trip and apart from the Taiwan tid-bits like pineapple tarts, Taiyang bing (Sun biscuits) and some souvenirs for friends, I found nothing that I could not buy back in Singapore. So I just enjoyed the street scenery and took lots of pictures. The slide show features the Night Market in Kaoshiung and ladies posing in the second photo were strangers who took so long to pose in front of the signage that I gave up waiting for my turn.

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