Sunday, April 11, 2010

Xinbeito - Hot Spring Museum

Continuing my walk in the park, I came across this isolated building that looked like someone's grand residence. It turned out to be the Hot Spring Museum formerly a Bath House built by the Japanese. Admission was free and we had to take off our shoes and wear the slippers provided at the entrance. Inside the wooden floor and fittings gave a feeling of peace and comfort. The inside was Japanese in layout but the bath area reminded me of the Roman baths.
Now and then...
Beautiful stained class windows and arches on the second floor made me feel like I had just stepped out of Japan and entered Europe. Outside there was a pavilion for tired visitors to take a rest and there I saw an old man playing a bamboo flute. The music seemed to have flowed out from a long gone era where you might expect to see kimono-clad geishas walking down the road.
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