Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tainan "Xiao Zhi"

After my friend picked me up from the High Speed Rail Station in Tainan City, she offered me three choices for dinner. Two of them were in restaurants and the last one, which I took up without hesitation was Tainan xiao zhi (small eats). Translated it means that I get to savour the street food that is the highlight of a visit to Taiwan. Here's what we ate for dinner that night:

Fried Oysters that were so fresh and juicy I never want to eat them again in Singapore. Actually I rarely eat this dish in Singapore. In another country and based on the recommendation of my friend, I threw caution to the wind and the amount of oysters I consumed in two days was probably equivalent to what I had eaten in the past two years. 
One needs more than one stomach to properly digest all the food shown here. Luckily I had a light lunch before going to Tainan to meet my friend and I really appreciate the variety in taste and preparation of the food I was lucky to have had a chance to taste.

Fried oysters with beansprouts coated with a thick sweet sauce, herbal duck soup, pig intestines, rice with steamed peanuts, meat floss and small bits of fatty pork and the smooth-as-silk beancurd topped with three types of beans...that was only the beginning.

More in the next post - Breakfast, lunch and dinner the following day.

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alicesg said...

I dont take fried oysters too. I find them so oily and I dont really like oysters. Very interesting to try the local food instead of package tour where we had our meal in restaurants. As I grow older, I too dont shop much when I travel, I prefer to take photos, sightseeing and try their local food. Thanks for sharing your travel photos.